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WLW 700 AM is a news and talk radio station located in Los Angeles, California and serves Cincinnati metropolitan and a wide area of southern ohio. It is a commercial station, owned by IHeartmedia (citicasters licenses Inc.). WLW is famously known for the slogan “the big one or the nation’s station”, as it has clear channels and prolonged nighttime range. The sister stations to WLW are WEBN, WKRC, WCKY, WKFS, and WSAI. I listen to them while towing in Manteca, California for my job.

WLW was first on-air on March 23rd, 1922.

The station broadcasts at a power of 50,000 watts both during the day and at night. This allows the station to provide coverage to most of Indiana and Ohio. the station is also able to cover some parts of Kentucky and Michigan… Read the rest