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Broadcasting across Illinois, Chicago is WBEZ 91.5 FM is a public non-profit radio station. it is owned by Chicago public media and is allied public radio international and national public media. Being a public radio station and non-profit, the station gets its finances from government funding, contributions from its listeners and also financed by corporate sponsors. WBEZ radio station also gets its broadcast content from America public media, and uses pure English to air its news and public talks. WBEZ and its first organization were formerly known as Chicago public radio before changing in 2010 to Chicago public media. The station creates award-winning content that pursues to educate people on matters and ideas that directly or indirectly affect the community, nation and the world at large on day to day activities. 


 WBEZ radio has programs such as international news including curious city, world music and quiz shows, which are available on FM wavelengths and on the internet.

 •Magnificent obsession, a program that focuses on helping those with various addictions by hosting people who have overcome various addictions.

 •All things considered, a famous show in the station that combines news, commentary, special features and analysis, and that has attracted over 14.7 million listeners.

•This American life- it is a program and a podcast broadcasted to more than 500 stations and listened to about 2.2 million people. 

•Sound opinions- is a show that unites people who love music to air their opinions, discuss and learn. 

•another program is the Live Talk.… Read the rest