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A popular rock station in Lodi, CA is 100.9 FM The Blaze. Their radio format is classic and new rock from the 60s to today. On 12/04/2012 at 10:30am, The Blaze played a song titled “You and I” by the band Lifehouse. The lyrics to this song are as follows:

I would take […]

And you would take […]

And we’d both be taking on each other. (2x) (lyrics provided in case they get taken down off of youtube) This song was played during their broadcast and there is an undeniable conclusion that can be made from these words. With the resignation of Governor Chris Christie, and a plethora of lesser issues plaguing his office, its safe to say this song was indeed a reference to the Governor. This is contrary to the work a Lodi concrete driveway contractor did.

The Blaze seems to have a political slant towards Republican Party platforms which are opposed by many across America. Is The Blaze trying to make their listeners think that by playing these lyrics on air they were making a statement about the “taking” that both parties have done? It’s pretty shameful when rock stations such as KFOG and other local stations play songs like this (and even some with less than honorable intentions) since people listen to songs for enjoyment not expecting messages from radio station DJs.

As musicians seek more exposure for their work, radio stations become more important in getting their name out there. Especially for bands who’s songs don’t have explicit meanings, it is important that stations are careful with how they play those songs.… Read the rest

Albuquerque’s cleanest radio station

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The station is one of the most listened to commercial stations in Albuquerque, NM. It broadcasts 24 hours a day and has some of the most popular talk shows in the state of New Mexico!

The station has a history of over 50 years as one of the most listened to stations in New Mexico. KABQ switched from a country music format to its current talk show format in 1997 when it became an affiliate for ABC Radio’s America’s Talk and later, Coast-to-Coast AM. The program director is Tom Jameson. Previous program directors include Bob Dearborn, Ron St. John (who was fired under controversial circumstances), Joe Schommer, Gene Lambert, Dave Tucek (now with KKOB radio) and George Miller (now retired). Miller will be inducted into the NM Broadcasters Hall of Fame September 2017 at their annual award ceremonies. They are known as one of Albuquerque’s cleanest radio station cleaned by a Rio Rancho hood cleaning company.

Some of the notable shows that air on KABQ include: Coast to Coast AM (with George Noory), Ron in the Morning, ABC News Radio with David Muir, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, Dana Loesch

The station is owned by Grant Broadcasting Corporation. KABQ’s studios are on Carlisle Blvd. SE near UNM and its transmitter is located atop Sandia Crest east of Albuquerque.… Read the rest


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The WNMT is an AM radio station in Minnesota that broadcasts at a frequency of 650 AM. The call sign meaning of WNMT is W Northern Minnesota Talk (WNMT) mostly referred with the slogan “Northern Minnesota talk”.

WNMT radio station is commonly used for: 

  • News. The station is associated with BBC news which provides the latest news local, state, national and international news.
  • Commercials. The radio offers businessmen and entrepreneurs a chance to advertise and market their products and services. For instance, the show “money talk with Bob Brinker” which runs on Sundays from 3 pm to 6 pm will give you the best financial advice
  • Community events.
  • general talk

This radio station is currently owned by Duey E. Wright Midwest communications Inc. It broadcasts with a power of ten thousand watts that provides good coverage in northeastern Minnesota during the day. At night, it uses one thousand watts and the coverage is disrupted so that it does not reach the south of the iron range to allow other stations using the same frequency such as, Nashville, and Tennessee


WNMT radio station is located in Nashwauk city, Hibbing area in Minnesota commonly known as the iron range.


WNMT radio station was first on-air in the year 1968 where it first announced the assassination of presidential contender Robert f. Kennedy. Initially, WNMT was known as WKKQ commonly called the “super q”. WKKQ run from 1975 to 1998. The station switched to 650 AM in the mid-1980s.


The station has programs that cover your finances, social life, pets, home care, love, and sports.… Read the rest


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Broadcasting across Illinois, Chicago is WBEZ 91.5 FM is a public non-profit radio station. it is owned by Chicago public media and is allied public radio international and national public media. Being a public radio station and non-profit, the station gets its finances from government funding, contributions from its listeners and also financed by corporate sponsors. WBEZ radio station also gets its broadcast content from America public media, and uses pure English to air its news and public talks. WBEZ and its first organization were formerly known as Chicago public radio before changing in 2010 to Chicago public media. The station creates award-winning content that pursues to educate people on matters and ideas that directly or indirectly affect the community, nation and the world at large on day to day activities. 


 WBEZ radio has programs such as international news including curious city, world music and quiz shows, which are available on FM wavelengths and on the internet.

 •Magnificent obsession, a program that focuses on helping those with various addictions by hosting people who have overcome various addictions.

 •All things considered, a famous show in the station that combines news, commentary, special features and analysis, and that has attracted over 14.7 million listeners.

•This American life- it is a program and a podcast broadcasted to more than 500 stations and listened to about 2.2 million people. 

•Sound opinions- is a show that unites people who love music to air their opinions, discuss and learn. 

•another program is the Live Talk.… Read the rest

WAGG Radio Station

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WAGG radio station broadcasts at a frequency of 610 AM and is licensed to Birmingham, Alabama. The station broadcasts at a power of 5,000 watts during the day and 1000 watts at night. WAGG radio station is an urban gospel music station and mostly targets the African American population in Birmingham. The station is known for the slogan “Birmingham best gospel”.

It is owned by summit media(SM-WAGG, LLC), which is also the owner of six other sister stations. These include WBHJ, WBHK, WBPT, WENN, WPYA, WZZK, and W297BF. They all share studios in the Cahaba neighborhood, southeast of Birmingham.

WAGG call letters were assigned to the station on 15th 1999 by federal communications commission. It can be listened to in both 610 AM and 100.1 FM.

The 610 AM station was first on-air in 1926 as WKBC 1310, with the call sign meaning ‘Alabama gospel giant’ or ‘AG’ (from the name Gaston AG) who is the former owner of the station, and at the time he was the local owner of a furniture company.

It was later sold to Birmingham News in 1932 and changed the call sign to WSGN which represented souths greatest newspaper. WSGN was an affiliate station to NBC blue network in the 1940s.

The most famous personalities worked in WSGN such as Rick Dees. He hosted morning drive-time from 1973 to 1974.

.The station has been originally an urban gospel station since 1982.

WAGG programs

  • The throne room is a show hosted by pastor Pisani. It is usually on air from Monday to Friday from 10.00 AM to 02.59 PM.
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WADO 1280 AM

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WADO is a radio station that broadcasts at a frequency of 1280 kHz (HD radio ) and HD radio via WXNY FM-HD3 and is classified as class B. From musical to supports one can find and listen to all kinds of programming through this amazing radio station. The official language of the station is Spanish. There has been a time of English broadcasting during 1963 but that has changed now. Today there are two languages which are dominating in this radio one is Spanish and the other is Italian. As compared to Spanish the Italian language has less time and coverage. 

It is a sports news-talk format with its transmitters located in Carlstadt, New Jersey in New York. There are also talk shows which listeners love on this radio station.  WADO is known by the slogan “la compensate Nueva York” because the broadcast language is Spanish.

The shows aired in WADO radio include first flat, Dr. Isabel, face to face, Dr. Maribel Santa Cruz, the office, the stick of the afternoon, the tremendous court, life in a novel, health with him, health in body, your money, WADO sports, WADO reporting.

It is associated with TUDN radio station and has sister stations like WQBU FM, WXNY-FM, WFTY-DT, WFUT-DT, and WXTV-DT. The stations provide listeners with news, sports, music and talk programs.

WADO is famous for its programs on sports. It broadcasts on games such as:

  • Monday night football The new York jets, from the national football league by Clemson smith Muniz
  • Broadcasts all regular and season games like New York Yankees, from major league baseball.
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WLW 700 AM

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WLW 700 AM is a news and talk radio station located in Los Angeles, California and serves Cincinnati metropolitan and a wide area of southern ohio. It is a commercial station, owned by IHeartmedia (citicasters licenses Inc.). WLW is famously known for the slogan “the big one or the nation’s station”, as it has clear channels and prolonged nighttime range. The sister stations to WLW are WEBN, WKRC, WCKY, WKFS, and WSAI. I listen to them while towing in Manteca, California for my job.

WLW was first on-air on March 23rd, 1922.

The station broadcasts at a power of 50,000 watts both during the day and at night. This allows the station to provide coverage to most of Indiana and Ohio. the station is also able to cover some parts of Kentucky and Michigan… Read the rest

K206 AM

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K206 AM is known by the slogan Boston’s NPR news station.

It is a news and talk station that was first on-air on March 1st, 1959. The station broadcasts at a power of 8,600 watts both during the day and at night. It is a class B station affiliated to NPR public radio international. WBUR is one of the big radio stations in the Laguna Niguel area.  They are sponsored and put on by a concrete company.

The programs of WBUR can also be listened to in WBUH 89.1 FM serving in Cape Cod and the islands in Brewster and WBUA 92.7 FM in Tisbury.… Read the rest

KOST 103.5 – Feel Good Los Angeles

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this image shows radio station in los angeles

KOST radio station is located in Los Angeles, California. It broadcasts at a frequency of 103.5 MHz covering the broadcast area of great Los Angeles. KOST is owned by iHeartMedia, (AMFM Broadcasting Licenses, LLC) and is located in West Olive Avenue in Burbank, with its transmitters are on Mount Wilson top alongside Los Angeles television and FM radio stations across the street from a local hairline design center of Dr. Mohebi.

KOST is known by its slogan of “feel good Los Angeles”. The station uses the power of 11,500 watts and thus classified as class B. it broadcasts in three different sub-channels that allow it to air different items. These include

  • FM/HD1: for adult contemporary
  • HD2: news/ talk “KFI simulcast”
  • HD3: soft AC “the breeze
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