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K206 AM is known by the slogan Boston’s NPR news station.

It is a news and talk station that was first on-air on March 1st, 1959. The station broadcasts at a power of 8,600 watts both during the day and at night. It is a class B station affiliated to NPR public radio international. WBUR is one of the big radio stations in the Laguna Niguel area.  They are sponsored and put on by a concrete company.

The programs of WBUR can also be listened to in WBUH 89.1 FM serving in Cape Cod and the islands in Brewster and WBUA 92.7 FM in Tisbury.

WBUR radio is among the top ten most popular NPR news station in the United States. A report shows there has been an increase in the number of listener  40900 to 534,400 listeners since 2012. More and more people love it and listen to this channel every day. 

Popular programs of WBUR radio

On point– it is a two hours discussion.  The two hours are divided such that the first one hour focuses on political issues and the other hour on art and culture. The program was founded after the whole world saw the sad day of the September 11 attacks on the Empire State Building of New York.

Here and now– the show entails interviews with personalities and professionals such as reporters, authors, and artists. It focuses on news and culture. The show began as a regional program but has expanded to domestic and foreign issues. Here and now the show is found in more than 400 NPR member stations.

Open source shows broadcasts matters foreign affairs, arts, and literature. It is hosted by Christopher Lydon.

Only a game hosted by bill Littlefield is a program that describes itself as “irrelevant”. It covers sports from a human point of view.

Boston University’s world ideas is a show that airs on Sundays evening. It involves academics and intellectuals with lectures and answering questions on national and global matters.

11 central eve is a three-minute comedy series

The station has also some podcasts that began in 2014 such as dear sugar radio by Cheryl strayed and Steve almond, modern love that is shared with the New York Times.


  • Some of the news aired in the station include:
  • Local news coverage
  • Cognoscenti known as thinking that matters.
  • CommonHealth the news coverage on health analysis
  • Edify is news with matter education from preschool to graduates
  • The artery the news on arts and culture in Boston
  • Bostonomix these are all economy stories surrounding Boston area
  • Worthwhile-it includes environmental reports and recording
  • Special projects- they are special reports from the WBUR newsroom.
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