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this image shows radio station in los angeles

KOST radio station is located in Los Angeles, California. It broadcasts at a frequency of 103.5 MHz covering the broadcast area of great Los Angeles. KOST is owned by iHeartMedia, (AMFM Broadcasting Licenses, LLC) and is located in West Olive Avenue in Burbank, with its transmitters are on Mount Wilson top alongside Los Angeles television and FM radio stations across the street from a local hairline design center of Dr. Mohebi.

KOST is known by its slogan of “feel good Los Angeles”. The station uses the power of 11,500 watts and thus classified as class B. it broadcasts in three different sub-channels that allow it to air different items. These include

  • FM/HD1: for adult contemporary
  • HD2: news/ talk “KFI simulcast”
  • HD3: soft AC “the breeze

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The sister stations to KOST radio includes KIIS-FM, KBIG, KFI, KYSR, KRRL, KLAC, and KEIB.

KOST was nominated as an adult contemporary station of the year for the top 25 radio stations by radio and records magazine in 2007.

The station is known for music programs such as: “most music mornings” hosted by mark Wallengren, Ellen K morning show, Kari Steele show, and Karen Sharp with love songs show.

KOST has also gained popularity due to the broadcast of Christmas music which starts early November through to Christmas. The program started in 2001 to date. It gives the listeners top oldies and pops music from the ’80s, ’90s, and the present.

The major challenge facing KOST has been the turnovers of the air staff from 2000s.

In 2007 Morning co-host Kim Amidon, Midday host Mike Sakellarides, and Traffic reporter mike Nolan departed the station.

February 2011, Carson left KOST radio to join CBS radio. In 2014, may Cruz left the station.

On January 16, 2020, longtime DJs Mark Wallengren and ted Zigenbusch who had been in the station since the 1980s, were laid off by Burbank-based station.

this image shows on air kost 103.5 Feel Good Los Angeles

This resignation led to a shortage of staffs and in 2009, the midday show was voice tracked by Karen Carson a former WLTW New York City personality.


The station was first signed in as KGLA in 1956.

In 1960s Gordon Mc Lendon bought KGLA and changed the call letters to KADS. KADS aimed at exclusive advertisements where listeners could purchase their commercials but it was unsuccessful. The station changed the name to KOST FM in 1968 and became an all-time music broadcast. Cox Communications bought KOST and later changed it to soft adult contemporary in 1982.

Cox communication later swapped KOST radio and KFI sister station with AMFM, Inc. in 1999. Later the AMFM was purchased by clear channel communications in 2000. In 2014, clear channel communications changed its name to iHeartMedia, Inc.

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