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A popular rock station in Lodi, CA is 100.9 FM The Blaze. Their radio format is classic and new rock from the 60s to today. On 12/04/2012 at 10:30am, The Blaze played a song titled “You and I” by the band Lifehouse. The lyrics to this song are as follows:

I would take […]

And you would take […]

And we’d both be taking on each other. (2x) (lyrics provided in case they get taken down off of youtube) This song was played during their broadcast and there is an undeniable conclusion that can be made from these words. With the resignation of Governor Chris Christie, and a plethora of lesser issues plaguing his office, its safe to say this song was indeed a reference to the Governor. This is contrary to the work a Lodi concrete driveway contractor did.

The Blaze seems to have a political slant towards Republican Party platforms which are opposed by many across America. Is The Blaze trying to make their listeners think that by playing these lyrics on air they were making a statement about the “taking” that both parties have done? It’s pretty shameful when rock stations such as KFOG and other local stations play songs like this (and even some with less than honorable intentions) since people listen to songs for enjoyment not expecting messages from radio station DJs.

As musicians seek more exposure for their work, radio stations become more important in getting their name out there. Especially for bands who’s songs don’t have explicit meanings, it is important that stations are careful with how they play those songs. Not everyone listens to rock music simply because of the beat and feel. Some people listen to a song specifically because it means something to them; whether good or bad.

It’s disappointing the fact that The Blaze would take such a popular song, reword its lyrics and use it as a tool in an attempt to influence the public towards jumping on some political bandwagon. This situation should be taken seriously by all radio stations since there is no way of knowing if any given artist will take offense of his or her work being used as a medium for anothers agenda.

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